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Terms of Use

Accounts & Subscriptions

An account is required to access and use the app. Certain content and functionality may require a paid subscription.

Subscriptions are currently available on a monthly or annual basis. Subscriptions will auto-renew on expiry, unless you cancel auto-renewal beforehand via the Play/App Store. We reserve the right to change the price of any subscription at any time (in which case your subscription will renew at the changed price applicable on the relevant renewal date).

Changes to Content

We may add, remove or alter any content, features or functionality (including restricting certain content to premium subscriptions, or removing said restrictions to allow access to free users) from the app at any time, at our absolute discretion, without notifying you in advance. In the event that we remove the app has materially dimished your enjoyment of the app, you may cancel your subscription prior to the expiry date and obtain a pro-rata refund for the remaining length of the subscription.

Ownership of content/data

We will retain copyright to any content, information or data that you create or generate through or via the app (if applicable). We will not sell any such data to any third party.